Don’t use Cloudfare if you want to attract Chinese customers to your website.

Cloudfare is commonly used on many websites for blocking unwanted traffic and hosting vital website components. A large number of top ranking websites use Cloudfare including Hubspot, Zendesk, Teamviewer and Findlaw.

Cloudfare servers from Mainland China are blocked and using Cloudfare to host your website or application will mean clients or target customers from China will not be able to use your website.

If you are looking to find out more about optimizing your website for access from Mainland Chinese clients read our Making your website work for China Article or contact us for a free consultation. We are experts in China global networking and can assist with the majority of use cases.


Image of Why Uber failed in China.
Why Uber failed in China.

 As you probably already know, recently Uber's China business was bought out by the famous Chinese local cab hailing app called 'Di Di' owned by b

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